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500 DKK / month

M - Fit for companies with 26-99 employees

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Broadcast & analyze your brand

  • Show 6 SDGs pursued
  • Show 15 Donations given
  • Show 5 Certifications earned
  • Show 5 Commitments earned
  • Show 5 Awards earned
  • Up to 5 users
  • Link to unlimited External Channels
  • Use Personalized Widgets to summarize your sustainability initiatives
  • Showcase your sustainability on integrated Portals
  • Learn from Performance & Audience Analytics
  • Show Industry benchmarking


1.500 DKK / month

L - Fit for companies with 100-999 employees

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Fully realize your brand’s competitive sustainability advantage"

  • Show unlimited SDGs pursued
  • Show unlimited Donations given
  • Show unlimited Certifications earned
  • Show unlimited Commitments earned
  • Show unlimited Awards earned
  • Up to 15 users
  • Tailor Custom Widgets
  • Gain access to Marketing Co-Branding Promotion
  • Learn from Competitive Benchmarking & Ecosystem Exploration Analytics
  • + Everything from STANDARD


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A custom solution for your business’ specific needs.

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Add-on services to your plan


360° management of your sustainability CV

Get your profile set-up, curated & updated by our consultancy team, so you can hit the ground running, hassle-free & worry-free.


360° evaluation of your company sustainability CV

Scoring, commenting & benchmarking by our consultancy team, so you can achieve clear competitive differentiation & make your efforts count.


Meet your stakeholders' special sustainability report needs

Get your sustainability CV summarized in custom formats by our consultancy teams for reporting to external and internal stakeholders


Partner around sustainability solutions needed or offered

Scout or showcase specialized solutions for sustainability challenges via our network of providers (suppliers, consultants, accreditors etc.), to take your brand to the next level.


Prove your sustainability claims to build trust in your sustainability brand

Let our consultants assess & demarcate the validity of the initiatives on your sustainability CV, or find 3rd parties that can

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A soft taste of sustainability


Start growing & showing recognition for your brand sustainability.
*Available for startups.


Broadcast & analyze your brand sustainability.


Fully realize your brand’s competitive sustainability advantage.

Monthly Price

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167 DKK / mo

500 DKK / mo

1.500 DKK / mo

Manage company profile page
Brand sustainability SEO
3 SDGs
6 SDGs
Unlimited SDGs
Show the latest donation given
15 Donations
Unlimited Donations
Show the latest certification
5 Certifications
Unlimited Certifications
Show the latest commitment
5 Commitments
Unlimited Commitments
Show the latest award received
5 Awards
Unlimited Awards
1 User
2 Users
5 Users
15 Users
External channel links
Unlimited External Channel Links
Unlimited External Channel Links
Website widgets
Show your own-channel visitors (e.g. your company webshop, CSR or recruitment webpages) that you have a sustainability profile to meet their expectations - via the official BeCause sticker.
Use the full suite of Personalized Widgets to summarize your sustainability initiatives.
Show your own-channel visitors a resumé of your sustainability profile to expedite the conversion journey underway.
Tailor the widget content & design to your needs and hide BeCause logo.
E-mail signature widgets
25 user installs
99 user installs
999 user installs
E-mail newsletter widgets
Online support center.
Online support center.
1 monthly hour of email support, Live onboarding, Phone support.
+ 1 monthly hour of meetings with Brand Consultant.

+ Access to co-development of custom features & services
Marketing Assets for promoting your brand sustainability on your own channels.
Access to Marketing Co-Branding Promotion
Portal integration
Access to Performance & Audience Insights
+ Access to Competitive Benchmarking insights &

+ Access to Ecosystem Exploration insights
Industry Benchmarking
Access to Add-On Services
Enterprise solution

Special sustainability feature or service needs?

If you’re a business with specific sustainability, branding, data or infrastructure requests not yet on our menu card, do reach out to discuss options. Our team will be glad to explore co-development of custom features, services or integrations if it may allow everybody to Be their Causes even just a bit more.

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What do our customers say?

The whole purpose of our company is to help the world (…) So the only way to future-proof it is to always know and show we are in line with customer expectations.

CMO, Climaider

Trust is vital for our lion-hearted travellers (...) BeCause empowers us to better earn that by presenting our sustainable commitments both on our own website and BeCause’s.

CEO, Above Borders

BeCause helps us understand our customer segments’ causes and help them understand ours at the right time & place.

CEO, Ladybox

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