Assemble & Accumulate
your brand sustainability

Gather all your company practices & ambitions in one place - as a single, complete source of truth.

Assemble & Accumulate
your brand sustainability

Align current stakeholder expectations and attract new stakeholders with your company's sustainability potential.

Assemble & Accumulate
your brand sustainability

Build funnels toward your stakeholder engagement opportunities

Organize & Optimize
your brand sustainability

Represent company sustainability so it is understandable and engaging for all your audiences

Organize & Optimize
your brand sustainability

Differentiate your sustainability brand via insights into your strengths and improvement opportunities.

Organize & Optimize
your brand sustainability

Mature your sustainability brand performance one supported step at a time

Showcase & Capitalize on
your brand sustainability

Empower facilitation of Awareness- and Interest-building funnel steps for your stakeholders

Showcase & Capitalize on
your brand sustainability

Empower facilitation of Desire and Action funnel steps for your stakeholders

... Repeat For The 2021 Win!

Et voilá!
Because you're now showing & growing your brand sustainability.
The Challenge
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Why BeCause?

BeCause helps you (...)
your brand sustainability

Assemble & Accumulate
Organize &
Showcase & Capitalize on

Bring your cause brand to life today.

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The Solution

Welcome to the world’s first Brand Sustainability Hub!

Consider BeCause your new home for your Sustainability Information Management. Regardless of the size of your company, where you are in your sustainability journey, your B2C or B2B clientele, and your market vertical - every company experiences similar overall sustainability challenges today.
Revolutionarily, BeCause empowers you to manage and advance every aspect of your brand's sustainability - all conveniently done from one platform.

BeCause, because:


By integrating sustainability best practices into your product and service innovations you are increasing the availability of sustainable products and services that don't compromise on quality, price or performance.
(See: rating)


You have the certifications. You have the reports. Now you have the platform to influence. Advance your sustainable products or services by working in partnership with consumers and other key stakeholders to better influence partners and their choices.


Utilize your BeCause insights and adapt products, services, processes and business models so that they better serve your sustainable brand aspirations.

Easier to re-engage

The probability of selling to a new customer is 5-20% vs. 60-70% for an existing customer.

10x higher LTV

Loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase.

Retention is more sustainable than attraction

Your TAM is finite = limited land to burn on one-off sales. Plus, happy customers are contagious.

6x lower CAC

It costs 6 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Sound Business & Good for your Bottom-Line

The reasons are endless

Sales & Growth

Sustainable Unilever subbrands (e.g. Ben & Jerry’s and Dove) are growing 69% faster than the rest and delivered 75% of its turnover growth.

Advocacy & Awareness

68% more willing to share Purpose brand content on social media (compared to traditional companies).

Future Generations

85% (of Gen Z) likely to switch to a cause brand from a non-cause brand, when aware (vs. 70% Millennial average)

HR & Talent

67% prefer to work for socially responsible companies


66% would switch from a product they typically buy to a purpose brand


55% (across 60 countries) willing to pay more for products and services provided by socially and environmentally impactful companies.

Loyalty & Retention

79% more loyal to purpose brand (if affecting experience)

Brand Missteps

73% are more willing to defend purpose brands in case of misstep


The mobile network operators employ 3 million people worldwide, with an additional 15 million people employed in the broader supply chain, generating in excess of $ 1 trillion in revenues in 2015.

Industry challenges

Data Security and Privacy
C02 emissions disclosure

Industry average

10t C02 / employee

12.000+ peer companies are already connected to their causes in our sustainability hub.

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Companies profiled


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Biggest Causes in the world: UN SDGs


Dimensions of impact: Social, Environmental & Economic


Different aspects of company sustainability

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Understand how BeCause works, what sustainability is, how the score is constructed and other Frequently Asked Questions.

What is BeCause?


Because is the worlds first sustainability hub where conscious people & brands connect to show & grow care for their common sustainable causes. Check out the following video from our team, to learn more about the platform or read more about us as an organization here.

What is sustainability and what does it mean for a citizen?


“Sustainability” basically refers to our world’s ability to Thrive – Environmentally, Socially & Economically – in a Durable manner that meets our needs & opportunities of today without sacrificing them for generations of tomorrow. In other words, our ability to sustain optimal conditions for People, Planet & Prosperity. Developing towards a fair and healthy future hinges upon us all contributing to each of these 3 sustainability dimensions and understanding how they go hand-in-hand. Here, both Citizens & Companies are key to the solution - as Citizens impact Companies as employees, consumers and investors – while Companies in turn are the primary employer of People, consumer of Planetary resources and generator of Prosperity.So we call on all Citizens to review companies in everyday life with this in mind, so we can support and advance brands with evermore sustainable impact.

What are the SDGs and how do I find my key causes?


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a framework of 17 overall goals - or causes - deemed the most critical by the United Nations for the world to work on today, in order to develop a sustainable tomorrow.
On BeCause, consider the 17 SDGs a common and actionable language between Citizens & Companies. This allows you to focus and match on the specific SDG cause(s) you care the most about supporting in everyday life! Which cause do you cherish?

How does the CauseScore work?


The CauseScore rates the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of companies - according to their past, present and future footprint and leadership on sustainability issues of special importance within the industrial context operated in.
This rating system is designed to help both Citizen & Company users evaluate and compare the sustainability of a specific company with peers and own ambitions - in order to inform decision-making in the everyday marketplace.

What is my role as a Citizen in the BeCause Community?


As a conscious Citizen, there are multiple ways in which you can contribute to a sustainable future. Regardless of how far you are on your own sustainability journey. In return, you improve your karma, ranking & impact on fellow community Citizens & Companies. Monthly, we also celebrate the Citizen topping the high score with most points earned. From time to time, this award also comes with prizes & perks from sustainable companies. Most contributions to community – e.g. liking, disliking, following, sharing, commenting and adding companies that are part of your daily life – earns you points.

How do I review the sustainability of a company?


Satisfied or not, voice your opinion on the individual sustainability initiatives of companies they transparently showcase on the BeCause hub. Provide companies with feedback – e.g. through liking, disliking, following, sharing, commenting and adding missing companies – to reward their good efforts and help them to grow their causes further.
Learn how to practically do this through this through our short video.

What am I signing up for and how?

Sign Up

Signing up for a Citizen profile on the BeCause community is super easy, completely free and empowers you to start reviewing companies, tailoring your news, representing your own personal causes, earning points and many more user benefits.
Here's a short video showing you step-by-step on how to sign up - both as a citizen and a company. Finally, when ready, click the ‘Join Now’ button in the top-right corner to Be-your-Cause today!