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The world’s first Brand Sustainability Hub.

What exactly is BeCause?

"A fruitful cocktail of frustration & hope gave birth to BeCause. A frustration about the terrible mismatch between demand & supply of sustainability in the marketplace, since nobody has time for that.

A hope about the amazing power that citizens & companies possess to Be their Cause.
What we need is just a convenient & rewarding way to connect in everyday life around our shared care for people, planet & prosperity".

Frederik Rubens Mortensen
CEO & Co-Founder, BeCause
Our Story

About us

What we believe

Sustainability = Everyone's Everyday Business.

What we envision

The everyday market connected through common sustainable causes.

What we do

Connect everybody around showing & growing brand sustainability - conveniently, comparably, comprehensively, completely, and credibly.

How we do it

BeCause is all about assembling everybody you'd like to know in the sustainability ecosystem, and organizing everything you'd like to know about them.
To get there, we're building out an ever-evolving platform, for the community & by the community.
This means that we all - as citizens, companies & expert sources - together profile, review & validate each other's sustainability.
In this democratic way, we all can join the conversation, represent our social, environmental & economic causes - let alone make this the go-to place to find, compare & impact sustainability in the marketplace!

Company Founded
Gender Balance
Employees & Advisors
Our cause spans the world
While BeCause is headquartered in Denmark, it is passionately made up of a global, inclusive & diverse team - representing nations, genders, ethnicities, religions, sexualities & sustainability causes of the world, so that we may represent you.
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Our Team

Meet our dedicated Team Members

Frederik Rubens Steensgaard
Jonas Bruun Jacobsen
Jason Wiff
Denny Fröjd
Jahanzeeb Ahmed
Rasmus Birkedal
Software Developer
Lasse Aarøe
Head of Development
Matas Paulikas
Graphic Designer
Aleksandra Chayleva
UX-UI Designer
Chia Zen Orchard
Communications Specialist
Emil Pedersen
Business Developer
Dorina Madacsi
Sustainability Analyst

Our Advisors

Majken Danstrup
Head of Diversity & Inclusion - Nordea Group
Lars Høgsted
Former CEO - Bizzkit, Strongminds & Configit
CSE Go-Grow
Startup Accelerator, Copenhagen Business School
Christoffer Pasieczny
Senior Consultant of Strategy and M&A - Implement Consulting
Stella Whittaker
Technical Director of Sustainability, Jacobs
Christian Honoré
Founder, Goodwings & 3B Impact
Startup Accelerator, #1 in Northern Europe & Top-10 worldwide
John George Riise
CTO & Co-founder - Aidbuilder, Former Head of Development - Trendsales

Our Investors

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