Companies often rebrand as a means of refreshing their image, reconnect with an ever-changing customer base, or in the most extreme of cases, mitigate a crisis.

In the case of ‘hoodHeroes, now, we simply wanted to create a brand that represents the expanse that we fill between companies, stakeholders, and the often-confusing cloud of sustainability ideologies that never seem to accurately, or effectively connect these players.

This expanse in the world of business sustainability, while confusing to many due to the complex, overlapping ambitions, goals and outcomes, found a home in a rogue collective of professionals representing 15 nationalities with diverse sets of expertise. We named it ‘hoodHeroes. Or, to be best understood, a collective of heroes of our own ‘hoods.

The underlying problem BeCause and our team works to solve is the lack of communication companies have on their sustainability goals and actions. Wherever you look there’s a disconnect between companies and stakeholder groups; ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reports are useful for mitigating financial risk, but not widely understood. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is often seen as purely philanthropic activities that are easily scrutinized for “Green Washing.” A company sustainability report is too long, complex, and only offered once a year for them to make any real connection between stakeholders.

The lack of sustainability communications has been a great topic of interest recently. While it is only one facet of sustainability, Bloomberg recently published an article titled Capitalism Is Struggling with the Language of Climate Change. Imagine the trying to communicate not only climate change, but also the social and financial aspects of sustainability; diversity, access to education, wealth inequality, gender equality, etc. etc.! Yeah, that’s why we answer the “why a rebrand?” question with “BeCause.”

How we do it.

1. Profiling

BeCause allows you to assemble and organize all of your company sustainability elements into one place; a single, complete source of truth to manage your company’s growing sustainability CV.

2. Showcasing

Consider BeCause your new home for your Sustainability Information Management. Regardless of whether you are already well-matured or just getting started on your sustainability journey, a big or small company, have a B2C or B2B focus, and regardless of your market vertical — every company experiences the same overall needs and challenges today.

BeCause empowers you to manage and advance your brand sustainability 360° — all conveniently done from one single platform.

3. Analytics:

Get the insight you’ve always wanted to overview and advance the resonance of your sustainability branding through powerful and personalized analytics dashboards digesting real-time data on your company, audience, industry and broader ecosystem.

4. Matchmaking

Let’s face it — no one is perfect when it comes to optimizing the sustainability of your company. We connect you with vetted solution providers to improve in the areas you want to improve upon most.

Why all of these elements? Well…BeCause. Don’t you also want to see companies of the world continue to operate more sustainably? Don’t you want to purchase products and services that meet sustainability criteria? We also want to see these changes, and while we will always be a ‘hood of Heroes’ we couldn’t ignore the ‘BeCause.’

The challenge of being a truly sustainable company has never been greater, but then again, the solutions have also never been greater.

We invite you to follow along on this journey as we continue helping everyone ‘Be their Cause’ whether you are an everyday citizen or a multinational company. Only together can we all live, work, and do business for the better.

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