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What do our customers say?

The whole purpose of our company is to help the world (…) So the only way to future-proof it is to always know and show we are in line with customer expectations

Victor Bergholt, CMO, RenSti

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to give you 30 days with all the benefits of the PRO plan to help you find the right plan for you. This trial is completely “on the house” and with no commitment required. Furthermore, you can choose whether to begin with this ultimate PRO power at hand or save it for later by starting with a basic FREE account.

Firstly, pick a plan above to get started.

If we’re talking about the FREE plan we will ask you to fill in a few basic details in order to create your initial Citizen user. Then you’re in - ready to create or take over your Company profile page.

If we’re talking about a LITE, PRO or CUSTOM plan we would like to show you around the ‘hood and prepare a personalized offer capable of fulfilling your needs. To start this conversation, shoot us an email via the options above.

If your company is not yet represented on the ‘hoodHeroes platform then you can create a new Company profile page via the top-right menu or the Explore page - using your Citizen user.
From this point on, you can toggle between controlling your Citizen and Company in the top navigation menu.

Learn more in this video tutorial:
'hoodHeroes Platform Guide #3: Add Brands to the 'hood

When initially creating the page, we recommend to use the Citizen user of your colleague with the main responsibility for editing your ‘hoodHeroes Company profile page, while we work on functionality that will allow you to associate multiple users.

If your company is already represented on the ‘hoodHeroes platform then you can create a new Company profile page

Indeed! Get in touch to hear more.

You will always have access to your FREE-plan account and there are no setup costs if you choose to profile your Company by yourself.

If you’re interested in our advanced offerings - e.g. website widget, B2B sustainability matchmaking, profiling & rating on demand, promotional opportunities - don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’ll take care of you.

The ‘hoodHeroes sustainability rating system is designed to maximize validity and usefulness for both the Company and Community.
Any ‘hoodRating score thus consists of a weighted combination of inputs from multiple sources and perspectives, in order to bolster the strengths of each approach and balance-out their weaknesses when standing alone, as has been the case with other rating systems until now.

Firstly, Citizen users contribute with their level of appreciation for the impact of a given Company initiative on ‘hoodHeroes platform. This helps to guide and support the Company with insightful and actionable quantitative and qualitative feedback, while it engages Citizens to get & feel involved in achieving sustainable impact through brand co-creation.

Secondly, Expert users & standardized databases contribute with an evaluation of a given Company’s sustainability footprint according to info both on and beyond the ‘hoodHeroes platform. By supplementing the more subjective & value-driven Citizen perspective with the more objective & facts-driven Expert one, both Citizens’ trust in and the Company’s ability to impact their respective sustainability rating grows.

Each of these ratings flow organically into your Company ‘hoodRating score as votes from the community ongoingly, yet you also have an extraordinary opportunity to supplement with additional “on-demand Expert ratings”. Important to note here is that the score voted is determined by the Expert user or database, not by the Company.
Contact us to learn more about the “on-demand Expert rating”.

Check our guide section to learn more about our rating system.

No, you do not have to pay anything when you sign up for a Free ‘hoodHeroes account online. The Free account gives you limited access to our tools that will help you get started with showcasing your sustainability profile and collecting reviews from your stakeholder.

When you are ready for more access, please contact a ‘hoodHeroes agent to upgrade your account.

With the ‘hoodHeroes Free account, you can access the FAQ anytime you have any questions about setting up your account.
If you need additional support, you can connect with a Support Agent using email or the live-chat tool on the platform.

If you would like extended personal support and a Customer Success Manager assigned to you, then we recommend you to upgrade your account to a LITE or PRO plan.

Nothing, your ratings and reviews belong to your company's profile on the platform. They are here to stay. The only change on the profile will be a switch from “Claimed” to “Unclaimed”.

We accept wire transfer and PayPal. We are working on also supporting major international credit cards.

All your login details are handled and stored by Google's enterprise level authentication product, Firebase, used by companies all over the world. Your credentials never enter our system.

The personal information you decide to provide to us, are all kept stored safely within Microsoft's cloud platform (Azure).
All our services hosted at Microsoft are regularly updated with the latest security patches, and all data transfer on our network - even internally - is done through encrypted TLS encryption.

Furthermore, daily backups are made each day to prevent any loss of data. looks and feels great on desktop, mobile and tablet.
Soon brand sustainability life will be even easier with our upcoming native mobile app.
In the meantime, you can already now get an app-like experience by adding the website to your front screen (check your mobile browser settings). This will allow you to stay logged-in and have it right at hand at all times.

‘hoodHeroes is created to help empower all actors of the sustainability ecosystem. Please check out our Partners page to find out which role fits you the best.

Try our general FAQ which covers more topics. Or contacting us. Or a bat-signal toward the sky.