Certifications, Commitments & Awards
Certifications, Commitments & Awards

Outsource the external management of your initiative.

Whether you are a Certification, Commitment, or Award, automate your manual processes of sharing the data with your receiving members. Automate the information to be updated automatically, year after year, with updates such as logo design, status, metrics, and more. Giving you more time to focus on the core of your organization.

See BeCause in Action

Among others

BeCause enables you to upload your initiative for your members to use the data in their communication and reporting.

Integrate your certification, commitment, or award, alongside accompanying information such as metrics, status, validation, and more. Invite members to use the information that is automatically uploaded into their individual profiles and updates continuously. Let other stakeholders download the latest data on received members, by you giving them access.

Automatic Updates on your and member channels

Automatic updates will be applied to all channels where your members have implemented our features, including your latest logo and metrics.

Save time and resources

Outsourcing the sharing, updating, and transport of data to your members, allows you to focus on the initiative itself and its improvement.

What makes our Hub unique for Certifications, Commitments, and Awards

(In addition to all the usual ESG Reporting, Accounting & Supply Chain Mgmt. software features!)
Become part of a central hub

Be part of a hub with multiple sustainability certifications, managing external data on 1000s companies. Constantly being updated, with status and validation. Let our hub promote your certifications in the relevant industries.

Automatic update on member channels and other stakeholders

When members implement your initiative on their channels, and other stakeholders (such as marketplaces and portals) use the information on their channels, the information will automatically update with status, metrics, and logos on all channels.

Work with other initiatives

Allow your members to compile their initiatives and show it one go on their channels or in other forms of communication.

Integrate the way you prefer

Choose to upload data on a continuous basis through excel or CSV files, or use our open API to automate the integration and upload of data.

”By becoming part of BeCause, Elretur utilizes a digital platform where Elretur and our members can gather sustainability-related communications in one place – automatically showing how one takes responsibility across channels through the tools created by BeCause.”
Morten Harboe-Jepsen
CEO, Elretur

Watch how easy you can manage data with BeCause

This demo will give you a general walk-through of the things our all-in-one hub can do.

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You're one meeting away from outsourcing the external management of your sustainability initiative.

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)