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Unifying the electronics industry on their producer responsibility commitments

Importers and manufacturers of electronic products are responsible for reusing, recycling or disposing of electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner. BeCause helps the organisations transport the data to the members, so they can automatically collect and communicate it, in a transparent and validated way.

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Among others

BeCause enables you to automatically transport and communicate data such as % recycled material and amount of CO2 saved in your producer's responsibility.

We partner with organizations that handle the producer responsibility for companies, to help them transport data they have on their members. Data such as %recycled material and amount of CO2 saved is automatically placed into the profile of the members, where they can see, and reuse it for their own activities.

Unifying multiple organizations

Several members work with multiple organizations that handle their producer responsibility. Offer your members one place to collect their data from all organizations.

Validated and transparent communication

Communicate the data you receive from your partner organizations, validated with data metrics, on all your channels.

What makes our Hub unique for Electronics

(In addition to all the usual ESG Reporting, Accounting & Supply Chain Mgmt. software features!)
Automatically updated data (Year after Year)

Through our integration, we automatically update information on new and existing members, metrics, validation status, and more.

Guiding members who are early on their sustainability journey

Utilize our implemented tooltips and help center to give you the guidance they need on what and how to answer sustainability questions. Give you the tools you need to grow and mature your impact and understand what is expected of you from regulations and other stakeholders.

Overlap data and align with frameworks

Our platform overlaps data points with other requests your members receive from stakeholders and regulations. Hereby ensuring that they align with multiple standardized frameworks and international guidelines such as ESG, GRI, SDG, coming CSRD, and more.

Updated, Transparent, and Validated Communication

Collection is one thing, but after they have collected the data they need to communicate it on multiple channels and to stakeholders. Use our live widgets, integrations, and auto-generated reports to digitize and automate all processes from collecting data to showcasing on your channels and reporting to stakeholders.

“We now make it easier for our members to communicate in relation to electronic waste - but also in relation to SDGs in general as well as certifications, performance and much more”
Morten Harboe-Jepsen
CEO, Elretur

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(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)