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Unburden your founders by reducing repetitive reporting

Whether you are a VC or PE, reduce your manual processes on acquiring sustainability data, and create a win-win for your portfolio companies by providing them the added value to reuse the same data for other investors, stakeholders and regulations.

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Among others

BeCause enables you to implement and monitor your portfolio’s sustainability performance.

Manage and collect the data you need in one place with alignment to frameworks like SFDR, GRI, ESG, and others. Compile aggregated data into a sustainability report for transparent communication between stakeholders such as LPs/GPs & other company personnel who need this information when making decisions about their investments' long-term impact.

Win-Win Situation

Overlapping your and other data requests that your portfolio companies receive, to ensure minimal double work.

Automating Manual Processes

Notifications on upcoming deadlines, auto-generated reports, showcasing of your portfolio companies’ impact on your own channels, and more.

What makes our Hub unique for VC/PE

(In addition to all the usual ESG Reporting, Accounting & Supply Chain Mgmt. software features!)
Guidance and help in maturing their sustainability journey

Utilize our implemented tooltips and help center to give your portfolio companies the guidance they need on what and how to answer your sustainability questions. Give them the tools they need to grow and mature their impact by allowing them to use the platform for their own activities and journey.

Overlap data collection

Pick from a list of 1000 existing questions or create your custom questions, that our platform overlaps with other requests your portfolio companies receive. No more surveys for the portfolio companies from multiple investors asking for the same data.

Align with frameworks

The questions are already pre-mapped to align with other standardized frameworks and international guidelines such as ESG, GRI, SDGs, and more.

Digitize your manual processes

Collection is one thing, but after you have collected the data you need to communicate it to multiple channels and stakeholders. Use our live widgets, integrations, and auto-generated reports to digitize and automate all processes from collecting data to showcasing on your channels and reporting to stakeholders.

"BeCause creates a win-win situation for Dreamcraft and its portfolio companies, as it can reduce redundant ESG reporting between investors. Companies with a profile on BeCause can even report on further sustainability / ESG metrics to be compliant with other investor needs."
Carsten Salling
General Partner & Head of ESG at Dreamcraft

Watch how easy you can manage data with BeCause

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(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)