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Accelerate your sustainability journey with the team you already have. Streamline the demands you are meeting, whether it is from larger companies you sell to, investors, customers, or other stakeholders. Empower your existing team with all the right tools so they can navigate the chaos and work strategically with sustainability.

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BeCause guides you to get a 360-degree view of your sustainability today, what is expected from you, and how to work with it strategically.

Most of you are probably already working with the sustainability agenda, without knowing it, or through other initiatives. With coming regulations and increasing market demands, you understand that you need to address it. But how, in what framework, what KPIs do you need to collect, and what should you focus on in your industry, are a few of the questions on your table. We address them all in BeCause.


Get the guidance you need to understand the sustainability agenda e.g. GHG, scope 1 and 1, and how your company needs to work it.

Built for your future needs

Be prepared for the new coming regulations, compliance, and market demands, today.

What makes our Hub unique for Startups & SMEs

(In addition to all the usual ESG Reporting, Accounting & Supply Chain Mgmt. software features!)
Guide and help you mature on their sustainability journey

Utilize our implemented tooltips and help center to give you the guidance you need on what and how to answer sustainability questions. Give you the tools you need to grow and mature your impact.

Free forever

We offer our free plan to allow everyone to get started with their sustainability agenda, without having to worry about the capital resources needed. Once you grow in the maturity of your sustainability, you can choose to upgrade your plan.

Align with frameworks

The questions are already pre-mapped to align with other standardized frameworks and international guidelines such as ESG, GRI, SDGs, and more, relieving you from the challenge to understand how your metrics should be reported in different formats.

Digitize your manual processes

Collection is one thing, but after you have collected the data you need to communicate it to multiple channels and stakeholders. Use our live widgets, integrations, and auto-generated reports to digitize and automate all processes from collecting data to showcasing on your channels and reporting to stakeholders.

”BeCause's goal of being a focal point for certifications, commitments, and everything related to sustainability is a fantastic tool for unifying our communications, benchmarking ourselves with competitors, and gaining insight into what is expected of us as a company.”
Bente Nielsen
CEO, Dandiag

Watch how easy you can manage data with BeCause

This demo will give you a general walk-through of the things our all-in-one hub can do.

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(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)