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Streamlining data requests from OTAs to Certifications to Properties

From collecting data on certified properties to showcasing your certification, BeCause is your one tool to help transport the data between multiple stakeholders, automatically, on-demand, and validated.

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Among others

BeCause enables actors to streamline their data request processes to/from OTAs, Certifications, and Properties.

As a property, you need to share sustainability data with multiple actors, directly or indirectly, comply with regulations and ensure your impact. Unifying it all into one hub, allows you to get rid of repetitive work, whether that is sharing data with OTAs, collecting data from/to certifications, communicating its own channels, and reporting to regulations.

Win-Win Situation

Overlapping data requests from multiple stakeholders, to ensure minimal double work, whilst allowing you to reuse the same data point for multiple purposes.

Automating Manual Processes

No more spending months of resources on collecting, updating, sharing, or communicating data. Whether you are an OTA, Certification, or the property itself.

What makes our Hub unique for Tourism

(In addition to all the usual ESG Reporting, Accounting & Supply Chain Mgmt. software features!)
Central Hub for Data on Certified Properties

Partnering with multiple sustainability certifications in Travel, by managing data on 1000s properties and their sustainability certifications. Constantly being updated, with status and validation.

Completely automated from and for Properties to Certifications to OTAs

Whether you are a property that wishes to manage your own data, a certification that wishes to automate sharing of data or an OTA that wishes to collect data. Automating the process end-to-end is essential for reducing resources spent on managing, to hence be redirected towards impact.

Overlap data and align with frameworks

Our platform overlaps data points with other requests you receive from actors and regulations. Hereby ensuring that they align with multiple standardized frameworks and international guidelines such as ESG, GRI, SDG, coming CSRD, and more.

“The cooperation creates an important value for Green Key as it will replace a time-consuming manual pairing process with an automatized matching process happening immediately. The time saved on this work will enable us to focus on our key competence to increase the level of sustainability in our participating establishments.”
Finn Thomsen
International Director, GreenKey

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This demo will give you a general walk-through of the things our all-in-one hub can do.

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(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)