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BeCause reduces up to 60% of your costs by decreasing the amount of manual administrative tasks your team spends hours on. It enables you to get to your value 6x faster when e.g. collecting data from stakeholders, creating a report, or displaying sustainability data on your sales channels e.g. marketplaces.

€0 per month

Everything you need to getting started with managing sustainability data

Support: €75/mo+
Best option for:

SMEs, Single-Profile Users, Certifications, Data Partners

Collect data on all 16+ sustainability topics, 100+ subtopics and 3200+ questions
Live widget on own website and channels
Create reports aligned with ESG (FSR), ESG (EFFAS), GRI, UNGC
Public & Private sustainability profiles
UN 17 SDGs
Upload & Export Data via Excel
Self-Service Support & Onboarding
Access to Sustainability Knowledge Center & Assessment Tools
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Custom Pricing

Automate & aggregate sending, collecting and updating sustainability data across profiles and partners within BeCause

Best option for:

Brands with multiple entities, Medium-Sized Companies, Certifications

Everything from Essential
A brand profile connected to ‘entity’ profiles e.g. ACME INC: ACME DK, ACME SE, ACME NO
Collect data from multiple profiles
Create 1 own framework/questionnaire to ask members/suppliers/profiles
Group Feature: Place stakeholders in unlimited groups to aggregate data
Create tasks with a notification system for your stakeholders
Analytics & Dashboards
Upload & Export Data via API
Dedicated Support & Onboarding Manager
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Custom Pricing

Remove double-accounting by integrating BeCause with own/or
external partner systems, portals and channels to automate and aggregate data outside of BeCause.

Best option for:

Multi-national companies, Marketplaces & Portals, Corporates

Everything from Essential & Pro
A corporate profile connected to brand profiles and entity profiles
Collect data across your whole ecosystem; internal and external stakeholders
Create unlimited own frameworks/questionnaire to ask different stakeholders
Import & Export API Integration w. live updates and data mapping to your own tech stack, tools, systems, channels, portals, marketplaces
Dedication Team of Support, Onboarding, Tech, Customer Success Manager
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Why is it free?

We have chosen to give most of our hub’s capabilities away for free until 2024. First of all, because we believe it should not cost anyone anything to get going with their sustainability journey. Secondly, we are currently funded through our larger projects allowing you to reap these benefits. Thirdly, in 2024, we will launch advanced and game-changing features that we believe will make sustainability management feel  easy and excillerating. . Hereafter, you can choose to upgrade or stay with the free subscription forever. So get your ESSENTIAL needs fulfilled already now, without paying dearly for fancy premium features you might not need just yet.

What frameworks do you work with and which questions do you have?

We have chosen to not build our own questions. Rather, we have integrated a database of over 16 sustainability topics, 100+ subtopics and 3200+ questions from ESG (FSR), ESG (EFFAS), GRI and UN Global Compact. Allowing you to work with these questions and frameworks.

Do you calculate Scope 1, 2, 3 Carbon Emissions?

No. We are focusing on how you can manage this data for other purposes. We have provided free tools in our hub which you can use to calculate this and other data, can connect you with the right partners to calculate this data and have it integrated with BeCause. Moreover, we have created calculators for many of the other questions. Our focus is on helping you manage sustainability data.

Do you work with SFDR, CSRD, EU Taxonomy, TCFD?

This is coming in 2024. Given it is mostly larger companies who currently have to report in alignment with these frameworks/directives, and SMEs are first affected in 2026, we are currently integrating this into the hub, in a way that
makes it easy for everyone to manage. For those not affected today, the best way to be prepared for this regulation is to focus on GRI framework. The BeCause platform ensures that you can use the data from GRI, for CSRD, SFDR, EU Taxonomy, TFCD and other frameworks we will work with.

“BeCause’s goal of being a focal point for certifications, commitments, and everything related to sustainability is a fantastic tool for unifying our communications, benchmarking ourselves with competitors, and gaining insight into what is expected of us as a company.”
Bente Nielsen
CEO, Dandiag

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