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What BeCause?

'What gave birth to BeCause was a fruitful cocktail of frustration & hope. Frustration about the terribly unconnected supply & demand for sustainability in the marketplace.
Hope about the amazing power that companies & citizens possess to Be their Cause together. What we need is to make sustainability everyone's everyday business, with the right tool'.

Frederik Rubens Steensgaard, CEO & Co-founder of BeCause

Our story

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What we believe
Today, the competitiveness and compliance of virtually all companies and portfolio-holders depends on the ability to successfully coordinate and communicate how sustainable their brand is. Yet, current tools make it hard (and scary!) to meet stakeholder expectations.
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What we do
Generally, we facilitate and foster convenient, credible and consistent interactions around sustainability matters.
Specifically, we help companies manage their sustainability far more efficiently and effectively than otherwise possible!
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What we envision
A market where sustainability is everyone's everyday business. We drive towards making interactions around shared sustainable causes integrated wide and deep enough in infrastructure to become democratized, convenient enough to become a daily habit, and beneficial enough to become obviously great business.
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How we do it
BeCause is the first platform to digitalize and automate both the collection, coordination & communication of company sustainability information from a single place online toward stakeholders where-ever & how-ever they need it – consistently, credibly, & conveniently.
Company Founded
Employees & Advisors
Gender Balance
Our cause spans the world
While BeCause is headquartered in Denmark, it is passionately made up of a global, inclusive & diverse team - representing nations, genders, ethnicities, religions, sexualities & sustainability causes of the world, so that we may represent you.
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Our team

Frederik Rubens Steensgaard
Jonas Bruun Jacobsen
Alina Klaseva
Denny Fröjd
Jahanzeeb Ahmed
Rasmus Birkedal
Software Developer
Lasse Aarøe
Head of Development
Matas Paulikas
Graphic Designer
Chia Zen Orchard
Communications Specialist
Emil Pedersen
Business Developer
Dorina Madacsi
Product Developer, Sustainability
Katrine Jacobsen
Marketing Coordinator
Jason Wiff
Content Creator

Our board

Frederik Rubens Steensgaard
Jonas Bruun Jacobsen
Christian Oxlund

Our advisors

Majken Danstrup
Chief People Developer - Clever
Lars Høgsted
Former CEO - Bizzkit, Strongminds & Configit
Morten Lehmann
Chief Sustainability Officer - Global Fashion Agenda
Christian Honoré
Founder, Goodwings & 3B Impact
Christoffer Pasieczny
Head of Strategy & PMO - Counter Design
John George Riise
CTO & Co-founder - Aidbuilder, Former Head of Development - Trendsales
Marco Mosbæk Olsson
Corporate Responsibility Specialist - Mascot International & Green Network
Startup Accelerator, #1 in Northern Europe & Top-10 worldwide
CSE Go-Grow
Startup Accelerator, Copenhagen Business School
Global Social Entrepreneurship Program

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