Do You Have a Sustainable Plan for Your Sustainability Data?

Limited resources shouldn’t prevent you from complying with mandatory reporting rules or earning the eco-credentials you need to capitalize on the rising consumer demand for more sustainable travel options.  

In this guide, we share tips on how small and mid-size hotel chains can efficiently collect and communicate their sustainability data to different stakeholders, including consumers and regulators. Learn how to:  

  • Easily meet your reporting obligations under different frameworks like Europe’s ESRS;
  • Efficiently unpack the complexities of double materiality contained in these frameworks;
  • Attract guests who prioritize sustainability;
  • Minimize double-accounting and redundancies.
Discover how you can secure higher-value bookings by leveraging your sustainability efforts and ensure regulatory compliance at the same time. Download the guide.

A sustainability data management hub can help small and mid-size hotel chains overcome their certification and sustainability reporting challenges.

With this technology, you can

Simplify, streamline, and centralize your sustainability data collection;
Gain access to digitized regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance with CSRD;
Reduce the costs of collecting and managing your sustainability data;
Demonstrate the ROI of sustainability certifications to individual properties.

Elevate your hotel’s sustainability efforts and become the first-place travelers look to for greener hotel options.

Download the guide now.