Making sustainability a no-brainer

Starting with the tourism industry, we want to make sustainability management flow simpler, faster & cheaper so companies focus on making a real-world impact.

BeCause was founded by Frederik Steensgaard and Jonas Jacobsen in Copenhagen, Denmark, and launched in 2021. It all started with a mix of frustration and hope: frustration about the terribly unconnected supply and demand for sustainability in the marketplace, and hope about the amazing power that companies possess to change entire industries towards a greener direction. We just needed the right tool to initiate this change and process.

With this in mind, they embarked on the journey to make BeCause the only management hub companies need to seamlessly manage their sustainability data and empower them to create a more sustainable future, both for the planet and for their businesses. The goal is to make sustainability everyone’s everyday business.

Today, BeCause helps more than 22,000 companies manage their sustainability data by streamlining and automating their processes. This includes sustainability-certified hotels, certification entities like GreenKey, industry partners including UN GSTC, and marketplaces such as Booking.com and Google.

However, we are far from finished. There is so much more to do to make sustainability everyone's everyday business. This is what motivates us every day to continue our journey of assisting companies in driving this change and making a real-world difference.


Supercharging Corporate​ Sustainability Management FTW* (*For The Win & The World​)

We strive to offer the ​simplest, fastest & most synergistic way ​for businesses to manage their sustainability work- & dataflows, ​so they can supercharge their positive impact on people, planet & profits.


Sustainable Choices, ​Flowing through ​Thriving Ecosystems

We envision a future, where ​sustainable choices flow seamlessly ​for decision- & impact-makers ​throughout ecosystems ​such as Travel & Tourism,​so all may thrive.

Our team

Meet the team that’s leading BeCause into the future, each and every day

Co-founder & CEO
Frederik Steensgaard
As the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of BeCause, Frederik's primary focus is amalgamating strategic direction and cultivating a culture for BeCause. Additionally, his key role is to represent and support the needs of internal and external stakeholders in line with the values, mission, and vision of BeCause. When work is set aside, you can find Frederik cheering for his wife's athletic and his brother's artistic endeavors, indulging in nerdy hobbies, and exploring the unexplored.
Co-founder & CTO
Jonas Bruun Jacobsen
As the Chief Technology Officer of BeCause, Jonas' primary focus is ensuring the engineering team's development of the BeCause platform is aligned with the customers' needs and expectations. In addition, he is in charge of ensuring the engineering team keeps a high standard and pace, stays motivated, and helps the rest of the BeCause team whenever possible. In his spare time, you will find Jonas tinkering with electronics, socializing, watching series, and last but not least playing board- & video games with friends and family, (which has no chance of winning against him (according to him))
Jahanzeeb Ahmed
As the Chief Commercial Officer of BeCause, Jahanzeeb's primary focus is developing and growing the commercial activities of BeCause such as customer success, marketing, and sales. In addition, his key role is to understand the pain and challenges of different actors in various ecosystems and coordinate with tech and sustainability, on how BeCause can help solve them. In his spare time, you can find Jahanzeeb spending time with his family and friends, at the gym, planning his next travel adventure, or binge-watching a new series.
Alina Arnelle
As the Chief Sustainability Officer, Alina’s main responsibility is to contribute and devise the company’s strategy with the aim of incorporating the latest sustainability trends and ensuring the company is up to speed with the relevant industry-specific developments. Additionally, Alina’s key role is to proactively develop specifications and direct the development of the BeCause platform within sustainability-related topics. You can find Alina at one of the city’s yoga studios in her free time or preparing for her next travel adventure!
Denny Fröjd
As the Chief Financial Officer of BeCause, Denny is responsible for the overall management and oversight of the company's financial operations, including financial reporting, budgeting, and risk management. When he is not working he likes traveling, going to concerts, spending time with family, and playing floorball and board games.
Sustainability Product Developer
Dorina Madácsi
As Sustainability Product Developer at BeCause, Dorina primarily focuses on supporting the management and other teams in the conceptualization and implementation of new product development initiatives and features within the area of sustainability. In addition, she collaborates with the technical team on internal product testing of new features, etc. In her spare time, she likes to discover the world, do arts, and dream big.
Head of Development
Lasse Chris Aarøe
As Head of Development, Lasse is first and foremost a developer, but he also does day-to-day management of developer tasks and leads the technical project management of multiple customer integration projects. In his spare time, Lasse enjoys immersing himself in fictional game worlds and partaking in both cooperative and competitive online video games. A few times a week, you can find him in a fitness center to get a break from the screen, and when the season is right, he fills his small balcony with home-grown chili plants.
Head of Sales
Asam Nawaz
As the Head of Sales at BeCause, Asam dedicates his efforts to shaping the course of sales and strategy development, concurrently fostering the growth of the sales team and ensuring each member thrives in their role. Outside of work, he enjoys watching football at the national stadium, taking weekend trips, savoring good food, and spending time with family and friends.
Marketing Coordinator
Katrine Jacobsen
As the Marketing Coordinator of BeCause, one of Katrine's primary focuses is on keeping our communication channels up to date. In addition, she manages several client accounts and is always available to assist with any marketing- or communications-related needs. When she's not at the office, you can find her traveling the world, climbing, playing handball, or spending time with her family and friends.
Senior Software Developer
Rasmus Birkedal
As senior software developer at BeCause, Rasmus typically spends his days building new features and tools for the platform in alignment with our customers' needs. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family, going on trips to explore new places with them, and playing video games with his friends.
Graphic Designer
Matas Paulikas
As the graphic designer, Matas’s mission at BeCause is to connect people and companies through designing easy-to-use and visually appealing systems. In his spare time, he enjoys learning about and immersing himself in the fields of art, history, and philosophy.
Software Developer
Daniela Mazur
As a software developer at BeCause, Daniela is responsible for designing and maintaining the web application using both frontend and backend technologies. She also collaborates with other team members to ensure that the software meets the project's requirements and goals. Outside work, Daniela enjoys staying active by going to the gym and playing board games with her friends.
Head of CS & Experience
Robin Sigl
As the Customer Service Manager at BeCause, Robin ensures we create a holistic view of our customers and build a kick-ass customer experience. This means uncovering our customers' true motivations, pain points, and experiences as they engage with BeCause, and building a product they love. In his spare time, Robin likes to play around with old analog film cameras and act like he knows how to take photos. He also recently got serious about running and plans to do his first half-marathon soon!
Business onboarding specialist
Mie Sørensen
As the Business Onboarding Specialist at BeCause, Mie helps ensure we build a seamless onboarding experience that wows our customers and partners and creates great value for them immediately. Outside of work, Mie likes to dive into her city's cultural offerings, explore new and interesting restaurants, enjoy reading, and maintain her strength through a mix of traditional training and reformer Pilates.
Bus. Prod. & SR. Sustainability Mgr
Isabel Lissner
As BeCause's Business Product & Senior Sustainability Manager, Isabel drives the creation of sustainable platform products aligned with market trends. She collaborates with internal teams, ensuring alignment with business values and strategy, and oversees BeCause's own sustainability work and strategy. In her free time, Isabel enjoys being on the water and volunteers for Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark, showcasing her commitment to ocean conservation.
Vita Ketsman
As Technical Product Manager & Product Owner at BeCause, Vita bridges complex tech solutions to drive real-world sustainability impact. Leading the technical product vision, she collaborates with cross-functional teams to ensure our platform remains cutting-edge and aligns with user needs. In her free time, Vita enjoys dancing Bachata and Salsa in Copenhagen, exploring the forest on her mountain bike, and she knows a thing or two about wine.
Software Developer
Jovan Bosnic
As a Software Developer at BeCause, Jovan is responsible for creating new features for the platform and implementing improvements for existing ones. He is dedicated to ensuring that the platform is free of bugs and as stable as possible. Outside of work, Jovan loves spending time with his family and friends and enjoys night outings. Additionally, he is an avid sports enthusiast and hardly a day goes by without a workout or a game of basketball.
Head of Marketing
Kristian Gregers Bruun
As the Head of Marketing at BeCause, Kristian leads the marketing team with the aim of amplifying BeCause's voice and positioning it as the go-to solution for sustainability data management in the travel and tourism industry. Outside of work, Kristian cherishes time with his girlfriend and daughter, finding joy in experimenting in the kitchen, tackling DIY projects, and getting a bit too enthusiastic about cycling on TV.
Account Executive
Andreas Gutte
As an Account Executive at BeCause, Andreas specializes in establishing and managing long-term relationships with clients and partners. With a wealth of experience exceeding 20 years in the hospitality industry, he brings valuable insights to business development and sales within this sector. Outside of the professional arena, Andreas dedicates his time to family and friends, indulging in activities such as winter bathing, saunagus, workouts, and anything related to football.
Account Exec & Partnerehips Mgr.
Simon Leth Kløvgaard
As an Account Executive and Partnerships Manager at BeCause, Simon creates and executes data-driven sales strategies tailored to meet the unique sustainability needs of each client. By leveraging market and client data, he makes well-informed decisions better serve our clients and develop customized solutions through collaborative partnerships. Additionally, Simon is a football enthusiast, an avid runner and traveler, ensuring he also prioritizes quality time with his family and friends.
Solutions Implementation Assoc.
Janus Mohr Hovgaard
As a Solution Implementation Associate at BeCause, Janus's focus is on troubleshooting technical issues and devising solutions in close collaboration with the Customer Success and Tech team. He's also responsible for crafting technical documentation you can find on the platform. Outside of work, Janus is pursuing his bachelor's in Computer Science, while also enjoying restoring old analog cameras, and leading a non-profit music label with friends, hosting clubs, and releasing electronic music.

Our company in numbers


Company values

The driving forces behind our company

Respectful & Inclusive

Embrace equally, don’t discriminate decency, ​
this planet’s diverse populus.

Ambitious & Courageous

Strive for greatness, dare to experiment, don’t hold back.

Accountable & Trustworthy

Own our own responsibility areas & timelines, ​allow peers to depend on us.

Be & Cause* Positive Impact

Be the change we hope for, lead by good example, and empower others to follow.

Passionate & Joyful

Heart & head in the game, makes for the best journey and destination.


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Our advisors

We have trusted advisors who assist us in making sustainability management a straightforward and hassle-free process

Lars Høgsted
Former CEO - Bizzkit, Strongminds & Configit
Morten Lehmann
Chief Sustainability Officer - Global Fashion Agenda
John George Riise
CTO & Co-founder - Aidbuilder
Startup Accelerator #1 in Northern Europe
CSE Go-Grow
Startup Accelerator, Copenhagen Business School
The Alchemist Accelerator
World's best accelerator for startups that monetize from enterprises
Kenan Rappuchi
Founder & Chief Growth Officer @Sellerant
Sherry Wei
Founder of Aviatrix
Hans Reisgies
FinTech Chair at Alchemist - Founder of Sequent
Gerrit McGowan
CEO at Rainmaking Venture Studio Germany - Serial Entrepreneur

Company Board

We have a trusted board who helps us make the right progress in sustainability management.

Lars Høgsted
Former CEO - Bizzkit, Strongminds & Configit
Morten Lehmann
Chief Sustainability Officer - Global Fashion Agenda
John George Riise
CTO & Co-founder - Aidbuilder
Startup Accelerator #1 in Northern Europe
CSE Go-Grow
Startup Accelerator, Copenhagen Business School
The Alchemist Accelerator
World's best accelerator for startups that monetize from enterprises
Kenan Rappuchi
Founder & Chief Growth Officer @Sellerant
Sherry Wei
Founder of Aviatrix
Hans Reisgies
FinTech Chair at Alchemist - Founder of Sequent
Gerrit McGowan
CEO at Rainmaking Venture Studio Germany - Serial Entrepreneur

Awards & nominations

We are honored to be recognized by various prestigious publications and organizations globally

Confederation of Danish Industry
DI Committee on Climate and Green Transition
Innovation Foundation Denmark
InnoBooster 2021, 2022
Business Worldwide
20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch
Microsoft GSEP 2022
Global Social Entrepreneurship Program
The One Initiative
Top 50 Nordic Impact Startups 2022
Green Startup Cup
Top 12 Green Startups 2022
SDG Tech Awards
Semi-Finals 2021, Nomination 2022