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Making sustainability
management flow

BeCause is the AI-powered hub that makes sustainability management flow simpler, faster and cheaper in tourism. Because sustainability should be a no-brainer.

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

Making sustainability
management flow

BeCause is the hub that makes sustainability data management flow simpler, faster, and cheaper between stakeholders in tourism.

(100% free to get started, no credit card required)

We help leading travel & tourism companies make a positive, real-world impact
Who we servE

Travel Agencies

Collect certified hotel data from over 60 ecolabels, automate your data mapping, receive weekly API updates for your databases and so much more.


Reuse data across multiple industry and international frameworks including certifications with pre-mapped questions to remove repetition when communicating with travel agencies and much more.  


Easily integrate your data via Excel or API and have your certified members’ data displayed on Google, Booking.com, and other marketplaces

The Problem

Sustainability management is a complex and rapidly growing issue that is holding companies back and eating away at resources and profits.

It’s ineffective & expensive

Current sustainability management practices still rely on inefficient systems and processes, costing companies in the tourism industry billions every year.

It’s extremely complex

Companies spend fortunes and resources on sustainability management because it’s complex, fragmented, and still manual.

Companies miss out on revenue

The complexity hinders companies from promoting sustainable options, resulting in revenue loss, as sustainable hotel options typically have a four times higher conversion rate.

BeCause is changing that

A sustainability management hub powered by AI

A one-stop hub for sustainability data management

BeCause is the only AI-powered hub that makes sustainability management flow simpler, faster, and cheaper than ever for companies, allowing all stakeholders to focus on making a positive impact on people and the planet – and their business.

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“My team was spending endless hours collecting data from across our organization, and I was drowning in data requests. BeCause helped us solve this inconsistency and streamline our sustainability management”

- Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Hotel Chain

Sustainability is too hard for companies to manage

Too many spreadsheets
Too much complexity
Too much double work

Demands from regulations, stakeholders and the market, are ever-increasing. Companies and their managers are struggling to get started, keep up, and spend too many resources, to manage sustainability data. All while also making sure they are having an actual impact on their initiatives.

That’s why we built BeCause.

How we help you manage your sustainability

Get the guidance you need

Remove the confusion and understand what is expected of you by regulation and actors, how to work with it and where to communicate it.

Holistic Management

Not only ESG, but easily work with all frameworks. The one-datapoint-to-many approach removes repetition, by overlapping the same requests across regulation, frameworks and stakeholders.

Unify your data

Keep your sustainability initiatives organized and streamlined across all departments, to ensure correct, transparent and unified communication to all stakeholders and channels.

Save time and resources

Connect your databases, partners, channels and stakeholders to your profile to automate as much as possible of the collection, coordination and communication of your sustainability data.

Need guidance?

What to collect based on your industry, role and size
What frameworks to work with and how
How to communicate your data
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Simpler coverage & compliance of workflows.

With BeCause, companies only need to add their data once in the hub, as questions across frameworks are pre-mapped. This helps users prevent double work, reduces human errors, and ensures easier compliance.

Faster data sharing

BeCause automates the distribution of sustainability data across all sources, ensuring seamless data flow without delays. This enables companies to consistently keep stakeholders informed and achieve a return on their sustainability investment six times faster.

Cheaper admin burden

BeCause lowers the cost of sustainability reporting by eliminating up to 60% of the resources companies previously spent on repetitive and manual admin tasks. This frees up resources that can be redirected towards real-world sustainability impact.

Collect data in one place

Aggregate data on certifications, commitments, challenges, initiatives, and key performance metrics such as CO2, water usage, diversity, and more from your organization and partner sources.

Coordinate sustainable activities

Stay aligned with standards, regulations, certifications, and compliance. Collaborate with your team to ensure data accuracy and employ tools and calculators, including HCMI and beyond.

Communicate live to stakeholders

Get auto-generated sustainability reports aligned with reporting frameworks like GRI, Hotel Sustainability Basics, and others. Utilize APIs for external and internal channels.

Certification overview

Live overview of certification status for the complete portfolio.

Framework mapping

Questions mapped across frameworks to remove manual and repetitive work.

Partner updates

Live updates on your partner channels, such as Booking.com, Google, and more.

Collection guidance

Flows and guides assist you and your team in a seamless data collection process.


Learn how Booking.com uses BeCause to manage its sustainability data.

Discover how Booking.com uses BeCause to automate the process of obtaining real-time sustainability data from third-party certified accommodation partners.

See how we helped Booking.com

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(100% free to get started, no credit card required)