CSRD compliance with BeCause

Is your business ready to meet the new EU regulations reshaping the climate disclosure landscape? BeCause is here to ensure you're prepared for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our reporting tool is designed to help your company seamlessly comply with CSRD requirements.

With the BeCause CSRD tool you get: 

  • Digitized ESRS Framework: Easily collect and create audit-ready sustainability reports with our digitized European Sustainability Reporting Standards.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Reuse and map existing sustainability data, minimizing redundancy and simplifying compliance efforts.
  • Error-Free Reporting: Centralize your sustainability data to eliminate double-accounting errors and ensure accurate reporting.
  • Double Materiality Assessment: Use our upcoming feature to address and report on both financial and sustainability materiality, streamlining the reporting process.

Ensure seamless CSRD compliance with BeCause. Our platform offers digitized ESRS, integrated data, and error-free reporting to enhance your sustainability effort.
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