Measuring Your Hotel's Water Usage and Carbon Footprint Just Got Easier

The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) and Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI) are essential tools for any hotel looking to reach its sustainability goals and improve its reporting. The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (SHA), the global association that enables hotels to address key challenges affecting people and the planet, has now made these tools available for free on our sustainability data management platform.

By signing up to our platform and using HCMI/HWMI in BeCause, you can:  

  • Centralize your carbon and water data collection.
  • Share data and results across stakeholders more efficiently and quickly.
  • Gain better visibility on unfulfilled data requirements.  
  • Automatically calculate your hotel’s water usage and carbon footprint.
Have you previously used HCMI and HWMI and are looking for a more efficient, collaborative approach? Discover how these tools can drive significant sustainability gains for your hotel. And best of all, for free. Signing up takes less than a minute. Get your free account on BeCause
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