Optimizing your sustainability data management

Consumers want access to more sustainable accommodations when they travel, but marketplaces like online travel agencies often struggle with deciphering whether a hotel has the credentials to qualify.  
The reason? Inefficient, time-consuming and manual sustainability management processes that start at the hotel level and trickle down to all stakeholders. In this checklist, we share four ways OTAs can improve this process.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Streamline the management of different stakeholders in the value chain;
  1. Reduce the amount of manual labor by re-using data whenever possible;
  1. Enable automatic data transfers via a centralized sustainability hub;
  1. Leverage big data to find new efficiencies and opportunities.  
Download the checklist to see how your business can eliminate the headaches that come with manual sustainability data management and provide your customers with verifiable sustainability information to make informed decisions about their next hotel stay.

Travel marketplaces like online travel agencies can drive more bookings by providing their users better visibility on a hotel’s green credentials.

By automating the work of validating a hotel’s third-party eco certifications, you can:

Get up-to-date, accurate information uploaded to your database and easily communicate this information to consumers;
Free up vital resources formerly dedicated to manually managing hotel sustainability information;
Improve your bottom line with a six-fold in the first year.

Say goodbye to manual processing of hotel sustainability data and become the travel booking platform that gives customers what they want.

Download the checklist now