Reduce manual labor, save time, and build trust

Consumers want access to more sustainable accommodations when booking travel. But time-consuming, inefficient, and manual sustainability data management practices make it nearly impossible for online travel agencies and marketplaces to share accurate, real-time information about a hotel’s eco-credentials.

Learn how you can make the impossible possible by:  

  1. Automating the transfer of a hotel’s sustainability data to your platform;
  2. Providing travelers with trustworthy, real-time information;  
  3. And leveraging big data to find new efficiencies and opportunities.  
Streamline how you get hotel sustainability information to travelers booking accommodations on your marketplace and website. Download the checklist to find out more.

Drive more bookings with green credentials.

By automating the work of validating a hotel’s third-party eco certifications, you can:

Get up-to-date, accurate information uploaded to your database and easily communicate this information to consumers;
Free up vital resources formerly dedicated to manually managing hotel sustainability information;
Improve your bottom line with a six-fold in the first year.

Download the checklist now