Build an efficient sustainability data management process

As consumer demand for more sustainable travel options grows, communicating trustworthy information about a hotel’s ecological footprint to customers has become a non-negotiable for online travel agencies and marketplaces. But currently, that’s more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.  

Explore how you can make it easier and vastly reduce the costs of managing the sustainability data of hotels on your platform so that you can increase booking volumes and attract higher value conversions.

In this use case, we show you how to:

  • Reduce the complexity of managing hotel sustainability data;
  • Unify fractured and siloed dataflows and streamline data mapping;
  • And automate the transfer of hotel sustainability data from common eco-certificates to your database;  
Learn how you can more efficiently collect, connect and communicate the sustainability credentials of your hotel suppliers to customers. Download the use case.

Overcome barriers to sustainability data efficiency.

More effective sustainability data management starts with three key capabilities:

Streamlining the data collected from travel suppliers like hotels through simple, automated interfaces.
Automatically mapping sustainability data to various frameworks, including third-party certifiers and government bodies, ensuring alignment.
Automatically updating travel inventory and listings (like hotels) that achieve sustainability certifications from recognized entities.

Discover how by downloading our use case today.