Managing sustainability has been hard. BeCause makes it smooth.

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'The whole purpose of our company is to help the world (…) So the only way to future-proof it is to always know and show we are in line with customer expectations.'
Victor Bergholt, CMO, Climaider

Welcome to the future of
sustainability information management

The ultimate solution to collect, coordinate and communicate your sustainability journey
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Collect your sustainability data in one place.

Today, your sustainability data and documents are scattered. With BeCause, easily collect and input your commitments, policies, impact and other sustainability performance data in our simple, intuitive digital platform, both internally or our API/user access to connect external data sources.

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Coordinate your sustainability data for optimal performance.

Align with international frameworks such as ESG, CSR, ISO, and others with in-app guidance on each element. Easily matchmake with solution providers to challenges such as CO2 and offsetting projects. With BeCause, get the analytics to do better and ensure coordination and validation of sustainability data.

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showcase all your sustainability practices into one sustainability profile

Communicate effectively to all stakeholders.

Disclosing the correct, consistent, and credible data to all of your channels and reports is both complicated and complex. Automate your sustainability information into specific report formats, while live-streaming selected information into your platform profile, own channel widgets, even partner marketplaces. Give all your stakeholders access to your sustainability data from one place rather than spending resources on disclosing to them individually.

And so much more...

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Performance Data
Provide your teams with a snapshot of company sustainability performance to more accurately review data, set goals, enhance cross-departmental project management, and pinpoint opportunities for developing future strategies.
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Integrated Reports
Implement company sustainability reports and standards into your BeCause profile for greater visibility to investors, management, and even customers; all while validating sustainability marketing claims through an engaging digital platform.
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CauseBox Widgets
Increase conversions with a CauseBox embedded in your own channels - to show visitors the most relevant and legitimating sustainability information for them in that exact time and place.

BeCause can save you up to 47% of the overhead cost of your sustainability operations.

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The Challenge
Today, supply & demand for sustainability is booming and its competitive advantages are beaming. While sustainability is now a decisive criterion for 65% of stakeholders worldwide, 40% still give-up on supporting the right sustainable brand for them.
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The Solution
Welcome to the world’s first Brand Sustainability Hub! Consider this your new home for your Sustainability Information Management. BeCause empowers you to manage and advance your brand sustainability 360° - all conveniently done from one single platform.

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