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BeCause is making it easier to get started with sustainability

BeCause is making it easier to get started with sustainability

At BeCause, our mission is to make it easier for companies to track and improve their sustainability performance. We are proud to have partnered with Group Online, a Danish online marketing and web agency, to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

As Group Online has grown over the years, their environmental impact has also grown. Recognizing this, the company's management decided to implement BeCause's sustainability management software. By doing so, they are now able to simplify their data tracing and analysis processes, save time and resources, and unify their sustainability data.

One of the key benefits of BeCause for Group Online is its ability to guide the company in what data to collect and how to collect it. This allows Group Online to focus on the sustainability impact of its operations, rather than administrative tasks. The software also provides tailored recommendations on how the company can improve its sustainability performance, which has proved invaluable in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

By using BeCause, Group Online are able to track and analyze their sustainability figures, identify opportunities to optimize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the ESG framework, and implement targeted strategies to reduce their environmental impact. The savings achieved through efficiency measures more than compensated for the resources spent on implementing the sustainability management software.

"Our collaboration with BeCause has given us a better understanding of the entire ESG universe, which can be challenging and difficult to grasp. With the right amount of advice and a system to set everything up, delivered by BeCause, it is made concrete and relevant, and they have been both helpful and supportive in our ongoing work to be a sustainable company"

Marianne la Cour
Head of HR, Group Online

Overall, BeCause has been a valuable tool for Group Online. It has helped the company track and improve its sustainability performance, reduce its environmental impact, and align with the ESG and UN Global Compact frameworks. We are proud to have partnered with Group Online on their sustainability journey, and we look forward to helping more companies achieve their sustainability goals through our software.

If you're interested in learning more about how your company can get started with BeCause, please visit our website for more information.

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