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Elretur Members Showcase Recycling Efforts with BeCause Widget

Elretur Members Showcase Recycling Efforts with BeCause Widget

Easier to show recycling efforts

The Danish news outlet Berlingske recently published an article about BeCause's new partnership with Elretur, which aims to promote sustainability efforts among its approximately 900 participating companies. The article discusses the Elretur scheme, which collects and recycles used and worn-out electronics, and how these companies now have a certification in the form of an E-mark that showcases their efforts towards sustainability.

Elretur's members can currently show with an emblem that they participate in the recycling program. The emblem will now be part of what is shown through BeCause when a company is looked up, and within a few months, the participating Elretur members are also expected to be able to show the world how much CO2 they are each helping to save by ensuring that used or worn-out electronics are collected and sorted or recycled.

Morten Harboe-Jepsen, director of Elretur, emphasized the importance of sustainability in the future market and how it can be a competitive parameter. He stated, "sustainability is important for the environment and the climate, but can also be important if you want to survive in the future market, where sustainability will become an even more important competitive parameter." BeCause's platform allows participating companies to collect and display all their communication about their sustainability efforts in one place.

According to Frederik Rubens Steensgaard, CEO and co-founder of BeCause, "Collaboration, transparency, and valid communication are key to combating the challenges presented to maintain sustainability for the planet, people, and businesses." BeCause's platform provides a way for companies to showcase their sustainability efforts and progress, including their alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and other certifications.

Several of Elretur's members, including Danish-owned company Dandiag, are already using BeCause's platform to showcase their recycling efforts. By installing their Elretur widget on their website, these companies can provide greater visibility to their recycling programs and make their sustainability efforts more accessible to customers.

The importance of visibility in promoting sustainable behavior is clear, and a recent Megafon survey for Elretur highlighted the need for greater visibility of recycling programs. BeCause is proud to partner with Elretur to provide an easy way for their members to showcase their sustainability efforts and align with the growing importance of sustainability in the market.

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